Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The last few months I have taken a break from blogging. My summer season was filled with busyness working as the Worship Coordinator at HoneyRock Camp, and left little time for blogging. At the end of summer, Courtney and I moved back to Missouri with the plan to open an all-ages music venue, while looking for a paying youth ministry job. Several interviews and a few months later, I'm still without a paying job. We have been in the interview process with one church, and feel very good about this particular church. Sunday we met with the youth and parents for a question answer session, and are awaiting to hear the next step. Soundtrax, our vision for an all-ages music venue, has not had the great start we envisioned. We are still seeking funding and a building, and are unsure what our next step should be. But the biggest news of all is that Courtney is 12 weeks pregnant. We are extremely excited about this news, and are seeking how this affects all the other aforementioned news. Please pray for us as we seek guidance for our choices in employment, church, and home.

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Jeff Thompson said...

I enjoyed your post. The baby care do's and don'ts were funnty.