Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Driscoll on CNN with DL Hughley

Mark Driscoll, while being hammered by Baptists Press for his use of "Vulgarity" was shown on CNN with DL Hughley. The segment is short, and Mark doesn't get to share as much about Christ as I'm sure he would have liked. but he is able to
1. Share the importance of sex within marriage
2. Tell DL that pornography is not God honoring
3. Explain how and why he discusses sex with his congregants
4. Use scripture to answer Hughley's question
5. Get the chance to respond to Ingrid's comment on Driscoll
6. Begin to explain the Gopsel to DL

While Mark's response to DL's last question could have been expounded more than "Dig Jesus" I think that is because of time constraints. I do wonder how much CNN edited the video for time, and what else Mark shared with DL. I cant help but think at the end of the day DL walked away with a new respect for Driscoll and his church.

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Tom 1st said...

Man, I gotta say I haven't really liked Driscol much in the past, but I really liked this interview. Thanks for sharing it.

The only part I didn't like was that I thought he let DL off too easy in the last 30 seconds...and by proxy, he let off everyong like DL who says 'Well, I like Jesus so that's what matters at the end of the day.'

I don't think Driscol's wrong...I just think it was too easy.

But again, thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed it.