Tuesday, July 29, 2008

American Evangelicalism compared to Light Beer.

I have a close group of friends who get together once a week to play Texas Hold 'Em, smoke cigars, drink beer and discuss life, religion, and politics. While we usually find ourselves drinking Budweiser Select, we all have a favorite import. One prefers Amstel, another Guiness Extra Stout, and Killian's Irish Red for myself. While we all prefer imports or micro-brews, we still often settle on Bud Select. This is both because we can all agree on this generic macro-brew's unoffensive taste and it is the cheapest at the local Walmart. Anyway, I read this article comparing American Evangelicalism to American Light Beer. I found it interesting because it reminded me both why I prefer micro-brews and imports, as well I why I prefer my Reformed Theology, Acts-29 Church.

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